‘Cristal’ in Spanish means Glass.

In English, the word ‘Cristal’ (or Crystal) is defined as glass transformed to such a state so as to reflect colors.

‘Cristal Art’ is the home for artwork on glass.

Glass Paintings and Decor Items in various dimensions are available with us.

We specialize in an Exquisite Collection of Handmade Glass Paintings and Decor Items for Home/Office Decor.


Glass Painting is not merely painting on glass.

Rather it is the use of transparent enamel colors to produce decorative effects in glass.

Both the medium (glass) and the painting combine to give an ethereal effect.


Most of the glass paintings of Cristal Art are framed without any background cover in order to sustain the transparent effect of glass. Nor do these paintings have any form of cover on top to avoid dullness of the art.